Investment Management

We are committed to a thoughtful and long-term approach to building and protecting your wealth. Our objective is to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns, preserve investments, and minimize volatility-based risk.

Our services include:

  • Strategic model portfolios so your portfolio is efficiently diversified and allocated to succeed throughout numerous market and economic conditions.
  • Dividend growth stock portfolios so prudent investments are made in companies with a track record of paying and growing dividends, generating cash flow in varying market cycles, and providing shareholder-centric payout ratios.
  • Efficient asset location so investments with different attributes in taxation, appreciation potential, income productions, and risk are strategically placed in the most efficient investment accounts.
  • Tactical asset rebalancing so opportunities in mispriced securities are exploited through overweighting into asset classes that present a greater probability of higher returns and underweighting into asset classes with lower return expectations.
  • Cost-efficient investments so you keep more of your money by investing in no-load and load-waived mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Our Investment Philosophy: A Strategy for Financial Success

We have built the cornerstone of our philosophy on discipline in risk management, focus on wealth protection, patience in developing strategic investment theses, and expertise and diligence in research.

Our Beliefs

  • Protect against serious losses for long-term success. Successful investing starts with a focus on risk management and wealth protection.
  • Do not overpay for growth. The price, regardless of projected growth, is more important than the size of the expectation.
  • Be patient and let opportunities come to you. As Warren Buffett once said: “Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy only when others are fearful.”
  • Recognize the investing environment in relation to business and economic cycles. Understanding past cycles and market environments can provide a framework to determine present risks and investment opportunities.
  • Be willing to admit when you are wrong and learn from your mistakes. Learning from your mistakes can help you avoid repeating them and accelerate your progress toward improved outcomes.
  • Control what you can. A well-defined and disciplined process is controllable, but the future is not. Remove emotions from your decision-making; hope is not an investment philosophy.

A Strategic Approach to Investing

We offer two different portfolios to meet our clients’ diverse needs.

Mutual Fund and ETF Portfolios

These portfolios start with a strategic asset allocation approach and span a wide variety of asset classes. We strive to uncover asset classes and investments that mitigate volatility.

We also strive to overweight asset classes that potentially offer superior long-term, risk-adjusted returns and to underweight asset classes that appear to be fully or overly valued.

When combined with our overall philosophy, this approach can offer a much smoother investment experience.

Individual Stock Portfolios

These portfolios draw on dividend growth strategies. We believe that the best way to return cash and create long-term value for shareholders is through dividends rather than share buybacks and mergers and acquisitions.

Dividends paid out to shareholders have historically been a more stable and predictive mechanism for returning excess earnings and free cash flow.

We believe that dividend increases signal a company’s positive outlook and confidence in continued growth in cash flow.

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