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At NewFocus Financial Group, we believe that a coordinated effort between financial planning and an integrated investment strategy is the best approach to successful financial management. A clear and concise plan is created and greater financial control, insight and organization are achieved.

Our financial planners will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan that will allow you to gain complete control over your financial life and help you draw appropriate financial conclusions as it pertains to all aspects of your wealth, be it accumulation, protection, management, taxation, distribution and ultimate transfer. We often advise our clients on retirement planning, investments, employee stock option planning, insurance, college planning and estate planning issues.

Retirement Planning

Those nearing retirement or in retirement face a period of significant financial transition. After a lifetime of earning income and accumulating assets, clients are faced with having a finite asset base to meet their future living expenses. Assets that have been accumulated must produce income that will last for the rest of their lives. On top of this retirement, costs are increasing rapidly as medical breakthroughs and active lifestyles enable people to live longer.

As part of our retirement planning process, we can analyze when and under what circumstances certain retirement goals can be achieved. This includes modeling income flows coming from pensions, retirement plans and Social Security, as well as tax analysis and portfolio design.

Retirement planning can address the following issues:

  • How can I accumulate retirement assets effectively?
  • Do I have enough assets to retire and maintain my current standard of living?
  • At what age can I retire and how much monthly income will I have?
  • How should my portfolio be invested and how will consistent cash flows be generated as tax efficiently as possible?

Employee Stock Option Planning

By offering you the opportunity to participate in a company stock plan, your employer has provided you with a benefit that may substantially increase your net worth. Employee stock options can be a powerful wealth building tool; however, the choices you make on such issues as the timing of your stock option exercises, and whether you should hold or sell the acquired shares can significantly affect your overall financial security. To maximize the potential benefit you need to consider numerous factors.

Stock option planning can:

  • Provide a framework for effective stock option management and decision making based on the value of your options, changes to the stock price, your specific tax bracket, future vesting and expiration events and key ratios.
  • Identify those grants more sensitive to underlying stock movements and alert you to specific trigger points
  • Quantify the leveraged risk/reward relationship inherent in your stock option portfolio
  • Allow you to coordinate these decisions with respect to your overall financial needs and long-term goals

Education Planning

Providing funds for a child’s education is one of the most important financial commitments most parents will make. Unfortunately, the cost of providing a higher education is soaring. For most parents, developing a plan for meeting education expenses is almost mandatory. Appropriate planning entails gathering tuition costs, selecting appropriate investments, evaluating pre- and post-tax payment strategies, income shifting, gifting strategies and more. The good news is that by planning well, you can fund most (if not all) of your child’s education.

Education planning can help you:

  • Save and pay for college as tax efficiently as possible
  • Plan for your children’s educational expenses while saving for retirement

Tax Planning

Because most financial decisions are impacted by taxes we will review your tax returns to identify opportunities that might minimize your tax burden. Specific tax planning events may include: investments, retirement plans, IRA’s, stock options, Roth IRA conversions, college savings, gifting, insurance, and estate planning, among other situations. Proactive tax planning and analysis anticipates these life events and makes recommendations to minimize your tax burden.

While we do not prepare tax returns, we can work closely with your CPA to recommend and coordinate strategies for tax savings and asset protection.


Many people avoid analyzing their insurance and asset protection needs. As part of the comprehensive financial planning process, we will advise you on the proper amount and type of insurance for your needs. This advice can cover life, disability, property, automobile, long-term care, and umbrella liability insurance. And because we don’t sell any insurance ourselves, our advice is completely unbiased.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process providing for the efficient transfer of your property at death in a manner consistent with your wishes. The planning process focuses on accomplishing your family and/or charitable objectives minimizing income and estate taxes, avoiding unnecessary property transfer costs and delays and preserving wealth for your heirs. To accomplish these goals, we often work in conjunction with your estate planning attorney to help analyze and suggest the most appropriate estate planning tools that might be used. To further assist you, we are also able to manage the trusts and charitable funds that are created in estate plans.

Estate planning can help you:

  • Determine and control how you want to distribute your wealth
  • Minimize taxes and costs as well as hassle and delay for your heirs
  • Gift your wealth to charities or causes which you support

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